How Does the Immune System Work?
Hang on to your hat friend, we’re getting sciency! (But just a little - don’t worry!)

The immune system is a beautiful, complex part of the body, and there are multiple ways we can support it! Before we learn those, let’s get a little more info on how the immune system works.

“There are two types of immunity – innate and humoral. Both are essential for immune health, and the differences are simply in the types of immune cells that are involved and their actions….

The innate immune system is sometimes referred to as the general immune system and is what most people think of when they think of immunity. It is our first line of defense to detect danger patterns and destroy pathogens….

If the innate immune system cannot control an issue, the adaptive immune system takes over. The adaptive immune system utilizes specialized cells – T-cells, B-cells, and antigens – to launch an attack that is directed at a specific invading pathogen.” - [The Supplements Field Guide](

Why do we care about this? Because understanding how the immune system works gives us insight into what tools we can use to support both general immune health and more specialized cells that protect us from specific issues!

For an immune system upgrade, we want to choose things that help bolster natural immunity, give us a boost when our defenses need reinforcing, and provide us with tools we can use daily to support our immune systems well!


What to Do:
1️⃣Take 1 Inner Defense
2️⃣Take 2 Super C Tablets or 3 Chewables
3️⃣Count 3 Blessings

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