Essential Oil Infused Supplements
Essential oils are truly fascinating - they are a way to harness the incredible power of nature! Essential oils are the aromatic compounds naturally found in shrubs, flowers, roots, leaves, stems and other parts of plants.

The power of an essential oil lies in its individual constituents and the synergy between those constituents - the individual compounds and pieces of the plant’s innate systems.

OK, why do we care about this sciency stuff? Because the specific structure of essential oils is what allows them to penetrate cell membranes and travel easily throughout the blood and tissues.

This is an incredible thing because it means we can give our bodies exactly what they need.

It just makes sense that adding essential oils to our supplements and herbs will help increase absorption, allowing our bodies to take in and use more of the good stuff we are giving it. Not to mention the incredible properties of the oils themselves!

Studies over the last decades found that rosemary may enhance alertness + combat candida, orange + lemon demonstrate tumor-suppressing effects, and thyme can wash bacteria from produce. Studies like this are plentiful on PubMed!

And the world leader when it comes to essential oils and oil-infused supplements? Young Living.

“Knowing which supplements are right for you can sometimes feel daunting. Which do you need? How do you choose? When do you take them? How do you know if the sourcing is reliable? Unfortunately, the conventional options that are available at most health stores and pharmacies are lacking in many ways.

Young Living supplements contain only high-quality, sustainable ingredients that are a necessary part of the formulation. They are also infused with essential oils which enhance absorption and add benefits of their own. This is what makes Young Living supplements far superior to anything you would find in a store, and this is why I recommend Young Living supplements in my practice and for my family.” - Dr. Ashley H. Cribb, [Supplement Field Guide](

While you will find people who insist they can get everything they need without supplements, I find that in today's age of stress, environmental hazards, technology, soil depletion, and our food rarely all growing right in our backyards, it is vitally important to add to our diets with plant and whole-food based supplementation.

It’s no secret that we love Young Living’s supplements. They are clean, containing only what is needed for the formulation, sourced from sustainable resources, and the highest quality on the market! Plus, they are all backed by Young Living’ Seed to Seal standards.

You can’t find better oils or oil-infused supplements anywhere.


What to Do:
Take 1 Inner Defense
Take 2 Super C Tablets or 3 Chewables
Count 3 Blessings


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