Caffeine & Coffee Drinks Comparison
Energy is fabulous. But falsely boosting energy can result in crashing down so hard that we're rendered useless unless we boost it again. This creates addiction and one of the most common in our society is an addiction to caffeine. While we know it can affect blood pressure, sleep, and productivity, it also has a huge impact on our emotional stability.

“Drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the source of the “fight or flight” response, a survival mechanism that forces you to stand up and fight or run for the hills when faced with a threat. The fight-or-flight mechanism side steps rational thinking in favor of a faster response. This is great when a bear is chasing you, but not so great when you're responding to a curt email. When caffeine puts your brain and body into this hyper-aroused state, your emotions overrun your behavior.

Irritability and anxiety are the most commonly seen emotional effects of caffeine, but caffeine enables all of your emotions to take charge.

While smaller amounts or irregular intake of caffeine is unlikely to have adverse effects, many of us are in a state of total dependency. I love my iced tea just like many people love their coffee and I have to be very careful to watch for these two problems: Not to let my intake replace my needed water intake. It can be so easy to down other drinks and realize at the end of the day that we've had none of the water we desperately need. To very carefully watch my dependency on the caffeine.

One great way to slowly ease off of caffeine is with Ningxia Nitro and Ningxia Zyng, both designed with very small amounts of naturally occurring caffeine from green or white tea, combined with other ingredients to help with physical and cognitive function. A great way to wean off of drinks loaded with high amounts of sugar, excessive caffeine, and many other harmful ingredients. 

How much caffeine do you find yourself drinking daily? Are you adding a lot of extra stimulants to your daily routine? How does that affect your rest and your mood? What changes would you like to make?
These habits have a huge impact on your adrenals which we'll be working on during next month's challenge!

What to Do:
1. Drink 2-4 ounces of Ningxia Red
2. Drink a tube of Ningxia Nitro
3. Take 2 Super B tablets

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