Energy Challenge : Super B
Super B is a B complex supplement that is great for maintaining healthy energy levels, supporting mood and cardiovascular and cognitive function. Our current lifestyles often leave our adrenal system (our fight or flight response) on overdrive, and B vitamins are a great way to support that system!


B vitamins are essential to our health and well-being, and each B vitamin performs a unique and separate function, which is why a ‘B Complex' vitamin is essential. Unfortunately, B vitamins must be replenished daily, as they are water soluble and therefore not stored in the body. It is difficult to gain all the B vitamins we need from our food, even in the best case scenario. Plus, different medications such as hormonal birth control can wreak havoc on the body's B-vitamin levels, which is why it's especially a good idea to supplement. This is also a great addition to your routine if you are currently expecting or are wanting to grow your family in the near future!


-Known for supporting normal cardiovascular and cognitive health, aiding in mood improvement, and sustaining healthy energy levels.
-Contains all eight essential, energy boosting B vitamins
-Is combined with nutmeg oil and bioavailable chelated minerals such as magnesium, manganese, selenium, and zinc.
-Contains Orgen-FA, a natural folate source derived from lemon peels, and methylcobalamin, a more bioavailable source of B12! Our bodies have a hard time absorbing and utilizing folic acid, so we need it in the form of folate. Plus, due to enzyme activity, the majority of individuals need a methylated folate for ideal absorption.


Take 2 tablets daily with a meal, ideally with your first meal of the day. Alternatively you can take one tablet with your first meal and one tablet midday.


“Super B! I can tell such a difference by the end of the day if I haven't taken it! Keeps me going with two toddlers, especially during the summer in this Texas heat!“ - Anna M.

“I have been using Super B for a few days now. Our home is clean, organized, every room is decluttered, my family has had home-cooked meals every day this week, and I've worked out every day. I feel like I'm a better wife and mother because I have the energy to do all that I desire to do!” - Carol R.

What to Do:
1. Drink 2-4 ounces of Ningxia Red
2. Drink a tube of Ningxia Nitro
3. Take 2 Super B tablets



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